Thursday, February 9, 2012


this weird 2cycle triumph has....

two pistons,

single rod,

single combustion chamber,

single spark plug,

single in/ex port.


  1. Wow bro, looks and sounds like Mr Turner's 'Straight Two' . . . 360 degree, single con-rod twin . . not sure how many they produced . . . might've been the drugs ??

  2. definetly in the top 10 strange motorcycle things ive seen

  3. Puch made almost the same style engine for a scooter, a bit like a two stage compressor

  4. A guy I knew in Jersey had a complete bike. German Triumph...

  5. This is Triumph of Germany..It is a 2 stroke split single. 200 cc and 250cc. Very common in Europe..Others manufactures also made split singles.

  6. Here's an example of a German (Nuremberg/Nurnberg)built Triumph in perfect condition. There's info on split singles and more.

    1. That link doesn't work (it is the full URL?). I tried the following and it gets you there > /ronsaunders47/5689319683/
      with this> TRIUMPH BOSS. 350cc TWO-STROKE. GERMANY. | Flickr - Photo ... <at the top of search it and you're there.

  7. The Triumph Boss was badged as a triumph in Germany and on export except to the uk were only a few were brought in privately the 250cc model was badged as TWN. In 1957 I imported a Boss with a Steib and kept it for 9 years before selling it in the UK.I have now got another Boss,ex South African import badged as a Triumph a fact that UK triumph owners find somewhat baffleing