Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Replica Catalina Works Racer Gas Tank

Tank was make from scratch by Kiyo using 5052 aluminum 0.05 thickness.

Today is NAO! ... and his sweet Triumph

Yoshi VS KIYO!

Kiyo is riding the Triumph Tiger Cub, and Yoshi is on the Yamaha. Kiyo made the tank, seat pan, and pipes from scratch.  They will be racing each other at the Catalina Gran Prix on December 4-5 so you should go and see who wins.  ..... I think there are only 4 people racing in the lightweight class so either one of them could easily take 1st... or 4th...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sick Nick' Pan

Kiyo built for Sick Nick. yes, it is awsome.

a little about nick...

Kiyo gave him the nick name because he would come in everyday to see the progress and say "sick!!!" about a hundred times.

Seb's Bike....

2006 XL1200R
First came in to have hard tail kit welded on and then it turned into a huge rebuild project that took 7 months.

Kiyo did most of  the work. I helped with the easy stuff like shaving forks and machining fittings.