Monday, December 27, 2010

EVO Chopper

Kiyo has started on another project. It's an Evo chopper for a customer in Japan. I know it's not vintage or whatever, but it's still rad and has a very solid motor.


Epic Updated!!

Kiyo makes higher compression EL pistons. Check out the Epic page.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Knuckle Cases

Today is Nao!! Kiyo and Nao worked together on changing the bearing laces on some 1947 knuckle cases. 

Nao is making the tool to punch out the old laces and put in the new ones.

Cases going into the oven to heat to about 400-450 degrees. This is to expand the metal so new laces will slide right in. Also, there is a slight crack that needed to be welded. So preheating for that as well.

Old laces and Nao's tool.

New laces are chilling in the fridge to contract the metal. This is to make it even easier to slide into hot cases.

New laces in and starting to cool down. Once cooled down, the laces will be a super snug fit.

Apparently a lot of people buy these laces and complain that they don't fit. If you heat the cases and chill the laces, it isn't a problem at all.

Bike Of The Day!!

This here bike is a 1942 WLA. It belongs to a customer in Japan. Its just here to get titled and then shipped out.

Triumph Club

Every Wednesday night the Triumph club gets together and meets here for chips, drinks and hanging out. They are a really great bunch of guys, and they know a wicked amount about Triumphs.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Triumph Update

Sonny started getting the engine back in. He is really taking the time to get it done right, it's great.


Yoshi is looking to hire 3 new mechanics. One fabricator and  two general service mechanics. You would get your own lift, tool box and work area. Since this shop mostly works on vintage bikes, you would have to have vintage bike mechanic skills. Fabricator would obviously need to know how to weld.

This is a very chill place to work. Yoshi cooks three meals a day and everyone sits down together and eats. You would also never be short of work to do. There is always something to work on.

If you are interested or know someone who needs a job, give Yoshi a call.

310 330 9933

Or email at:

For Sale

In case there was any question. Yes, all of this is for sale.  ....and at reasonable prices. I haven't had time to go through every part and catalog them yet, but until then you'd be surprised at what you would find.

For questions about the availability of parts email Yoshi at:  

Rocket Update

Kiyo is just about finished with the Rocket 3. Maybe a couple days.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Next Project

Kiyo is now onto the next project. He is doing a full custom make over on this Triumph Rocket 3. It is a beast of a bike. I believe its a 2005 and engine is 2300cc. Its getting custom bars, paint, sissy bar, pipes and various other things. Everything was already made a while ago so it's just putting it all together now.


Engine Rebuild

Sonny started rebuilding this here engine for a customer. Its a Triumph T120 650cc. Crank bearing was gone, so changing it out. Sonny'll make her good as new.


Shovel Finished!

Austin's shovel is completed. Kiyo finished all the wiring and carb/timing adjustments last night. Austin even test rode it out in the pouring rain. I will be repainting the tank in January, but over all it's a rad bike. Also, maybe some different bars.