Thursday, December 23, 2010

Knuckle Cases

Today is Nao!! Kiyo and Nao worked together on changing the bearing laces on some 1947 knuckle cases. 

Nao is making the tool to punch out the old laces and put in the new ones.

Cases going into the oven to heat to about 400-450 degrees. This is to expand the metal so new laces will slide right in. Also, there is a slight crack that needed to be welded. So preheating for that as well.

Old laces and Nao's tool.

New laces are chilling in the fridge to contract the metal. This is to make it even easier to slide into hot cases.

New laces in and starting to cool down. Once cooled down, the laces will be a super snug fit.

Apparently a lot of people buy these laces and complain that they don't fit. If you heat the cases and chill the laces, it isn't a problem at all.

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