Thursday, August 4, 2011


posh factory is producing super high quality motorcycle parts in japan such as flanders style handlebars, inner throttle kits, narrow triple trees, variety angled exhaust pipes, kawasaki z2 style grips, and more. also they are taking orders for custom made handlebars.
the posh factory is very popular in japan. and now, their parts and catalogs are available at garage company. please come and take a look. you will be surprised!!
posh factory website:

inner throttle kit

harley kickstand mount plate

z2 style grips

they are available at the shop.

our friend yutaka. he is posh international sales manager.
the photo from hotbike japan issue 117


  1. i second that. great parts,and very good prices.

  2. thanks chico! they are very cool people too.

  3. Good stuff. Nice to see their headlights aren't actually the $255 that Deus lists them for!

    I'll email you about some parts.

  4. do u carry the aluminum transmission plate? How much $ ?