Monday, January 24, 2011

Born Free Progress II

Kiyo has made some significant progress on the bike over the weekend. He has finished sissy bar, new risers, handle bars, seat pan, started pipes, ignition coil cover, oil tank mounted, and more work on gas tank.

The amazing and frustrating thing about Kiyo is that he is an extreme perfectionist. A lot of the time he completely scraps something he has made to then completely make it again from scratch. This was the case with the dog bone risers. He didn't like how they looked with the bars he made so he made them again. He will also be doing the same with the sissy bar. Once he got the bike off the lift, he no longer liked the sissy bar. It will be made again slightly taller and slightly thinner. I look at the stuff and think its amazing and then he says, "no, that's no good", and makes it again. Amazing.

Here are some pictures to show the progress. I hope they're self explanatory enough. 

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